We closed all "Kyoto Animation Co.,Ltd. The ceremony of Farewell and Taking over the Will".
We deeply appreciate many people have participated in the ceremony for two days.
Gratitude for "The ceremony of Farewell and Taking over the Will"

  • On November 3rd-4th, at Miyakomesse, We will hold the ceremony of Farewell and Taking over the Will.
    We will set up an altar in the venue. We would appreciate it if you could check the information below before coming the venue.

  • Date and Opening Hours
  • November 3rd(Sun.)-4th(Mon.), 2019
    10:00am-5:00pm(Entrance closed at 4:00pm)
  • Venue
  • Miyakomesse(Located in Kyoto-shi Kyoto, Japan)
  • Admission fee
  • Admission free

Gratitude for "The ceremony of Farewell and Taking over the Will"

We held "Kyoto Animation Co.,Ltd. The ceremony of Farewell and Taking over the Will" without mishap on November 3rd-4th.
We appreciate that all attendants cooperated making calm space.

Your tears that you grieved for our friends and colleagues were with us, and healed our feeling of loss.

The kind messages and support from all over the world have reached us,
and have been a big help for us to move forward once again.

Our grief that we lost many of our friends and colleagues with bright future will not go away,
but the love and passion for our works, and sure breath that existed there, are firmly engraved in us and shall continue to live.

We will continue to create animation for all over the world that help people have dreams, hopes, and impress them.

Please continue to watch over us.

November 5th, 2019
Kyoto Animation Co.,Ltd.

Information about the ceremony

It may be very crowded.
Depending on the congestion, you may not be able to enter immediately.
Especially opening to 12:00pm crowd are expected, please cooperate your attendance time.
Please note the Caution Information below, and thank you for your cooperation to ensure the all the safety of guests.

Caution Information

  • We will guide you to the altar where you will be able to send prayers one by one. Also some of the messages we have received so far will be excerpted and posted.
  • Please come in ordinary outfits.
  • We are thankful of your thoughts, but are unable to accept incense money, support fund, flowers, and offering. We kindly ask for your understanding.
  • All participants will receive a bookmark and postcard.
    There is plenty for everyone.
  • Please use public transport to travel to the venue.
  • In case too many people arrive at the hall, or stormy weather, we may limit the entry to keep the security of our attendants or cancel the ceremony alltogether.
  • Please note transportation and accommodation will not be compensated even if the ceremony is canceled.
  • When moving, please follow the instructions of the staff and the signs. When our staff guides you, staff may touch your shoulders or arms.
  • To ensure all the guests safety, we sometimes perform baggage inspections .You may be refused entry if you fail to cooperate. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding to ensure a smooth entry.
  • We, Kyoto Animation Co.,Ltd. will not be responsible for any accident caused by your carelessness.

If you have any other problems on the day of the ceremony, please contact staff nearby you.
At the discretion of management, we reserve the right to eject any person from the venue, if the person is inappropriate and doesn't obey the instructions of the staff.

Traffic Information

Traffic limitation will be enforced on the day.
Sorry for the inconvenience, but kindly ask for your understanding.

Date and Opening Hours:
November 3rd(Sun.)-4th(Mon.), 2019 10:00am-5:00pm
Closed Road for Vehicles: Jingumichi


Will it be held in the rain?

Depending on the crowd, we may ask you to wait in line outside.
Please prepare rain gear beforehand.

Is it possible to participate in with children?

Elementary school children and below need to come with their parent(s).

Is it possible to participate in a wheelchair?

Please contact our staff near you, if you need any assistance in the venue.

Are there items that are prohibited from bringing into the venue?

Items that have the potential of being used as weapons (such as scissors, knives, and drivers), Dangerous items such as spray can(except antiperspirant or hairdressing spray), fuel, fireworks are not allowed to be brought in.
(You are able to abandon voluntary these items, but we are unable to return that when your leaving.)

Is it allowed to taking photos in the venue?

Taking pictures, videos and recording are prohibited in the venue.
If we find any person who does not follow this guideline, we reserve the right to delete the data completely on the spot.

Are there restrooms in the venue?

There are two restrooms on the first and third floor.
Please contact our staff nearby you if you wish to go to the restroom while waiting or return to line.

Is it possible to eat and drink inside the venue?

Please refrain from eating and drinking inside the venue.

Is it possible to smoke?

Smoking is prohibited in the venue.

Are there parking spaces in the venue?

Please come to the venue by public transportation.

Are there dressing rooms and lockers in the venue?

There are no dressing rooms.
There are coin lockers in the venue, but the number is limited.

What should I do if I feel sick?

There are nurses in the venue.
If you feel sick, please contact our staff nearby you.

What should I do if children get lost or I drop something?

Please contact our staff nearby you.

We strictly refuse any of the persons below;

  • Drunken person and anybody under the influence of alcohol.
  • Any crime syndicate member and person who is connected with such syndicate

We strictly prohibit the behaviors below;

  • Running or making noise in the venue
  • Distributing any printed materials like fliers and so on
  • Bringing pets, alcohols and any other harmful or disruptive items into the venue
  • Sitting on the floor for a long time
  • Selling goods or services, and displaying goods or services
  • Doing unauthorized actions, demonstrations or speeches
  • Blocking the way
  • Staying all night or early morning around the venue
  • Staying out of designated section
  • Bringing large materials (such as tripod and folding chair)
  • Conducting behavior that may cause trouble to other attendants that judged by our staff

Contact Us

If you have any inquiries about the ceremony, please contact us by email form on our corporate site.
Please refrain from calling us. We only accept your inquiries from the email form.
*Sorry, Japanese text only
We may be unable to reply to you according to the contents of your inquiry. We ask for your kind understanding in advance that we cannot reply to all of your inquiries.
Please refrain from contacting to the venue directly.