Details of Our Business

Making animation

Almost all animations are made with digital devices these days. Even if it looks like an old-fashion animation, we need computers to finish those works indeed. We, Kyoto Animation, keep on studying, developing and making digital animation.

Designing, producing, retailing and wholesaling products

We are designing, producing, retailing and wholesaling our original character goods. By using our creativity and development capabilities as an animation company, we endeavor to have our goods lineup meet our fans' expectation. We are selling our goods at Kyoani shop! by ourselves. Furthermore, we are taking wholesale orders from the other retailers.

Publishing novels, comics and visual books

We are editing and publishing collection books of famous scenes' key frame drawings, background arts and so on from the plenty materials of our animations. In addition, we are producing, editing and publishing our original novels, comics and books since we take them as important medium.